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In Memoriam

In Loving Memory of Randi Bardeaux

A tribute to Randi... Randi Bardeaux died on Saturday, May 9th. Randi was a dear friend of many years and I loved her! She had the ability to shine a bright light in any situation. As a leader and as a person, Randi was kind, patient, smart, and caring. She was...

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In Loving Memory of Margaret “Maggie” Belton

A tribute to Maggie... THANK YOU DEAR MAGGIE! O will we all miss Maggie Belton, a comrade, fellow advocate, friend and huggable grandmother!  Last year as we both waited for our rides, I was shivering from the cold for I did not have a jacket on.  Without batting an...

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In Loving Memory of Jim Adler

What Jim Adler meant to us...                                                                                           By Nancy Becker-Kennedy -- Former PASC Board Member It was unbelievable to wake up Thursday morning, go to my desk to hurriedly get ready to go...

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