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Homecare Registry

The Personal Assistance Services Council (PASC) Homecare Registry has been operating successfully since July 2002 throughout L.A. County. The primary purpose of the PASC Homecare Registry is to provide a free process through which IHSS consumers in need of assistance and IHSS provider applicants in need of employment can be referred to each other and then decide themselves whether they wish to form an employment relationship. Registry services are entirely optional and voluntary.

Services provided to IHSS Consumers include, but are not limited to, homecare provider referrals and outcome follow-up, information and assistance with IHSS-related inquiries and issues, information on consumer rights and responsibilities, and training and/or advice on how to interview, hire and supervise homecare providers. Among the services offered to homecare providers are orientation to the IHSS program and to our registry services, Registry provider recruitment and processing, review and analysis of provider Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI), advice and assistance with IHSS-related issues such as late or missing time-sheets or checks, and information on provider rights, responsibilities, and benefits.

How it works:

Registry referrals are made based upon three main criteria:

  1. The consumer’s needs of particular services and skills in relation to the provider’s skills and capabilities
  2. Geographical proximity of consumers and available providers.
  3. The consumer’s scheduling requirements and the provider’s availability. A provider referral report consisting of up to five names of potential providers is generated, taking the above criteria into consideration. The referral report is forwarded to the consumer, and it is his/her responsibility to contact potential providers, set up interviews, and choose the person he or she wishes to hire.


  1. Must be a current IHSS consumer in Los Angeles County
  2. Must provide current personal information (i.e. name, address, telephone, etc.)
  3. Must submit a completed Registry Application Form as well as a completed Consumer’s Rights, Responsibilities, and Release Agreement
  4. Must submit a completed IHSS Information Release Form. Consumer application forms can be obtained by calling 877-565-4477 or can filled out and submitted by clicking here

In order to provide the services listed above, it is very important that our Registry data remain current at all times. So, it is crucial that our registry users not only cooperate fully with our staff, but also inform them of any changes in status, need for service, or contact information. Below is a list of actions that our Registry users can take to help us provide better services to the IHSS community.

Specific Ways in Which You Can Help the Registry

  1. Cooperate with staff: When you use the Registry, please give our staff the information they request so that they can help you more effectively.  We promise that we will only ask those questions that are required to provide the service you need. Also, please follow our Registry policies and procedures and treat our staff with civility and respect at all times.
  2. Update your file: Please call the Registry if your address, telephone number, or service needs change. If you are given a provider referral list and you hire someone, please call the Registry and give us the provider’s name and hire date. You should call us even if the hired provider was not referred by us.
  3. Know your authorized services: Keep your IHSS Notice of Action on hand. You can use it to inform your homecare providers of the various types of services and the number of service hours approved for you under the IHSS Program.
  4. Tell us how we are doing: When you use any of our services, please take a moment to call us back at a later date at 877-565-4477, and give us some feedback on the service you received.

The Registry does not select, train, vouch for, supervise or warrant the quality of either consumers or providers. Consumers and providers must make their own decisions regarding one another skills, character, and compatibility. The consumer has the exclusive right to select, hire, assign hours and duties, direct the work, supervise, evaluate, and terminate the provider, and the provider retains the right to resign from any employment capacity, all without regulation or control of the Registry.

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