A tribute to Randi…

Randi Bardeaux died on Saturday, May 9th. Randi was a dear friend of many years and I loved her! She had the ability to shine a bright light in any situation. As a leader and as a person, Randi was kind, patient, smart, and caring. She was imaginative in strategizing issues and figuring out how to connect with more people on the issues. She was great in debriefing meetings when she would let her long blond hair down and, while sipping a margarita, would cut to the chase of what went on in the meeting.

Appointed by the Department of Public Social Services, (DPSS), Randi served on the Personal Assistance Services Council (PASC) Governing Board as a member and then was elected unanimously to serve as Chair. Randi worked tirelessly to unite the Board and hear from all Board Members on the important issues before them.  During Randi’s time as Chair, she focused on DPSS customer service; what an IHSS worker can do if their paycheck is late; and state and national legislative issues.

Randi was involved in senior and disability issues for many years in Lancaster including the Lancaster Senior Center, the CA Alliance of Retired Americans (CARA), and the CA IHSS Consumer Alliance (CICA). Her knowledge of issues and the legislative process helped carve positions and she strongly encouraged alliances and collaborations with other organizations to advocate for these issues. IHSS issues are complicated and discussions are not always easy. Through Randi ‘s ability to engage people, her quiet manner and patience to respectfully listen to and hear often-differing positions from all Board Members, the Board was able to develop strategies, encourage collaboration, and reach out for more information when appropriate.

Although Randi lived with a significant disability and used a wheelchair, her commitment and sense of responsibility to PASC and IHSS were consistent and stunning! She would take a train from Lancaster at 7:00 am to get to Los Angeles around 10:00 and then take a bus from the train station to the PASC meeting site. Then after the 3-4 hour PASC meeting, she would reverse the entire process and get back home around 7:00. To say the least, a full and arduous day and she did it month after month for the entire time she was on the PASC board!

Randi was simple, unassuming, patient, positive (glass half-full), and she had a quiet sense of humor. She loved her cats and her IHSS providers and she never tired of looking at pictures of my two young granddaughters. She was delightful to work with and she was my dear friend. I will miss her tremendously. May she rest in peace!

Janet Heinritz-Canterbury, MSW
Chair, PASC Governing Board

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