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Update Your Availability

You can update your availability at  

Then, click on How to log in to update

These are the instructions that will be displayed:

1. Your username will be the first 6 digits of your social security number, plus the first two letters of your first name, and the first two letters of your last name. The letters will be lowercase.

Example: First six digits of your SSN is 123456 and your name is Carmen Sanchez, so your username will be 123456casa

2. Your password will be your last name with the first letter capitalized

Example: Sanchez

3. Once you login, you must hit Edit and either update and save changes in each section, or mark them Reviewed No Changes

4. If you are unable to login and update for any reason, please contact PASC at 818-206-7000

**Please be sure to update your profile every month to keep your profile active and current. If you have not updated with PASC regularly (in the last 30 days) and/or on

you are listed as not available, then you will not be allowed to update on the website and you must call PASC to update your availability and/or status.

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