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Back-Up Provider System

On October 1st, the state launched BUPS, a statewide backup program.

Under the BUPS, an IHSS recipient may receive temporary IHSS or WPCS from a back-up provider if they have an urgent need for back-up supportive services related to personal care services that cannot be met by an existing provider or the recipient is transitioning to home-based care and does not yet have an identified provider.

For purposes related to the use of the BUPS, an “urgent need” shall be defined as follows;

  • The need must be unanticipated.
  • The need must be immediate and cannot be postponed until the provider is available to provide the need.
  • The need has a direct impact upon the IHSS recipient and delaying the need would potentially jeopardize the health and/or safety of the IHSS recipient and may result in the need for emergency services and/or out-of-home placement.

The direct number for BUPS is 877-287-6789.

Frequently Asked Questions

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