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Demo to start January 2014

Demo to start January 2014

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced on Monday that Cal MediConnect will begin no earlier than January 2014.

Cal MediConnect represents a historic effort to integrate the medical, social, and mental health services provided to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Already, there has been an impressive amount of work completed moving California toward this goal, including stakeholder support and participation, which moves this effort forward.

Cal MediConnect is an opportunity to support people who have both Medicare and Medicaid with more coordinated care. Doing so requires work on multiple levels between governments, health plans, and communities. This kind of systematic change takes time, and therefore the new timeline provides the opportunity to give every issue the full consideration it deserves.

The state places a high premium on beneficiary protections and is working deliberately to ensure a successful implementation. DHCS will continue assessing readiness for implementation and the final start date.

Cal MediConnect Readiness Review Tool

As part of the demonstration, CMS and DHCS want to ensure that every selected Cal MediConnect plan is ready to accept enrollment, protect and provide the necessary continuity of care, ensure access to the spectrum of Medicare, Medicaid, and pharmacy providers, and fully meet the diverse needs of the Medicare-Medicaid population. As such, every selected plan must pass a comprehensive joint CMS/State readiness review.

CMS and California worked collaboratively to develop the state-specific readiness review tools. The tools are based on stakeholder feedback received through letters and public meetings, the content of the Memorandum of Understandings, state-specific procurement documents, applicable Medicare and Medicaid regulations, and input received on previous tools.



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