2017-2018 Proposed Budget


2017-18 Governor’s Budget Proposal

Governor Brown released his 2017-2018 Proposed Budget in January, and there is no surprise that he has cut or decreased funds to programs that affect seniors and persons with a disability.  

Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI)- The CCI enrolled individuals that have both Medi-Cal and Medicare (Dual eligibles), into Medi‑Cal managed care and integrated Medi‑Cal long‑term services and supports, including In‑Home Supportive Services (IHSS), into managed care. The CCI also included the Cal MediConnect demonstration project, which allows persons eligible for both Medicare and Medi‑Cal (dual eligibles) to receive medical, behavioral health, long‑term services and supports, and home and community‑based services coordinated through a single health plan.

The CCI will be discontinued in 2017-2018, due to the program not meeting the saving requirements, it is not cost effective to move forward with it. However, the budget proposes to extend the Cal MediConnect program,continue mandatory enrollment of dual eligibles, and integrate long‑term services and supports (except IHSS) into managed care. Read More…..


In-Home Supportive Services The Budget includes a 6.5 percent (10.6 billion) increase over last years revised budget, this is to cover the estimated increase in recipients, the minimum wage increase and counties share of provider overtime.  Read more...
To read the full proposed budget Summary click here.

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